The DWP in Court

The DWP is facing yet more court action, in a case that could “open the floodgates” for countless other people to sue it.

Daniel Donaldson is a lawyer from Glasgow. He lives with long-term medical conditions which affect his daily living. In 2013, the DWP awarded him a personal independence payment (PIP). But after an assessment in November 2016, the DWP stopped it. Donaldson appealed, and a tribunal reinstated his PIP in October 2017.

But for Donaldson, this wasn’t acceptable; partly because he feels the DWP discriminated against him on account of his medical conditions. He believes this was due to some of his conditions being related to mental health. So he is suing the DWP for:

    £4,000 for disability discrimination.
    £275.34 in bank charges he incurred while the DWP stopped his money.
    £700 in lost passport benefits. The DWP withdrew other entitlements once it stopped his PIP.

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