Universal Credit Delays?

The government's flagship benefits system has been too slow to roll out, causes hardship, and is not delivering value for money, a watchdog has said

The National Audit Office said the £1.9bn Universal Credit system could end up costing more to administer than the benefits system it is replacing.

Some claimants waited eight months for payment amid the switch to UC, which rolls six benefits into one, it adds.

The government said UC would bring a £34bn return over 10 years.

It said more people would get into work - and stay there longer - and that it had taken a "listen and learn" approach to the introduction of the programme.

The move to UC has long been criticised for its delayed and flawed implementation, with more than 110,000 people paid late in 2017 alone.


‘We created a suite of video guides to help people understand and claim Universal Credit’ said a representative from The Benefits Advice Centre. ‘We felt it was necessary to help people navigate the Universal Credit Maze’


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