Facebook use a cause for claim rejections?

DWP deny scanning Facebook pages of disabled to reject benefit claims

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Universal Credit Delays?

The government's flagship benefits system has been too slow to roll out, causes hardship, and is not delivering value for money, a watchdog has said

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Cuts to CAB Funding

Cuts in Citizens Advice Bureau Funding sees thousand of people turning to the Benefits Advice Centre for professional help online.

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BAC Opens Online

The Benefits Advice Centre opens a new state of the art online support service to help all those effected by changes and goverment cuts.

Owed Benefits Payments?

70,000 disabled people owed thousands in benefits due to government error – and some will never be paid back

Reduced Support

Government accused of 'slashing away at welfare' after new figures show 47 per cent of disabled people see benefits reduced or stopped altogether...

Eligibility Confusion

One in four claiming disability benefits faces serious difficulties including delays, unfair dismissals and confusion over eligibility.

The DWP in Court

The DWP is facing yet more court action, in a case that could “open the floodgates” for countless other people to sue it.

Self-Employed NI changes

From April 2019, self-employed people will no longer pay Class 2 National Insurance Contributions, which currently count towards entitlement.

Two Child Limit

From 1st February 2019, families with more than two children who make new claims for Universal Credit will no longer be directed to claim Child Tax Credit.

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