I register with Benefit Advice Centre just to enquire about any help I can get due to my very low State Pension. Their customer service was great I was booked for an appointment with an adviser as soon as possible. After checking my circumstances adviser told me about what benefits I am eligible for and how I can apply for them. My income has increased £160 a week I am very happy with their services.
 G Singh

When I was applying for PIP no one helped me, no adviser was available or long waiting lists that resulted into my PIP decision turned down. I register online with Benefit Advice Centre and booked an appointment with the adviser online.  No waiting times!! Adviser wrote my PIP Mandatory Reconsideration professionally and sent it through email. I recommend Benefit Advice Centre as it is a reliable and a trustworthy site.
M Wilson

Easy to use website, wide variety of document, affordable prices, excellent customer services!
M Lyons

Since I've registered with The Benefit Advice Centre I have asked for help a few times and they were fantastic. They will do their best to help if they can and I have found them to be honest and reliable.
G Williams

I was anxious about filling my long PIP form but when I register with Benefit Advice Centre I was able to get a step by step guide how to answer the questions in the form. There are videos guides available as well.
G Mckenzie

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