What does The Benefits Advice Centre provide

Registering on The Benefits Advice Centre is a quick and easy process, registering provides you with access to our secure, members only support areas where one of our specialist advisors can help you. The information you provide is purely to help us help you and is kept in the strictest confidence and never shared with any other party.

Unlike a number of services we are not in this for the money, any and all subscriptions go back into running our services and keeping the service alive for our users. We are in this because we saw huge numbers of people not being supported due to cuts and other issues around funding and regional shuffling and we feel that when you have the skills, ability and focus to create change, then you have a duty to help where you can.

So, how can we help you ?

The Benefits Advice Centre are proud of the services we offer, the quality and commitment of our team and the support we provide to the community. As a not for Profit CIC - Community Interest Company, we are especially proud to be one of the only none funded services to offer a FREE level of membership to still help those who can't afford to support the cause.

We offer some amazing services and indepth information and support, why not check out how we can help you below;

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Live 1 to 1 Video Consultation Rooms

Need to speak with a speacialist urgently face to face? Our VIP video consultation rooms are a secure 1 to 1 environment where you can speak directly with a live advisor, without having to travel.

Rather than travelling to our office to see a specialist The Benefits Advice Centre brings our specialists to your PC, phone or tablet, simply fill in our booking form, let us know what time is best for you and we will send you think to access your private 1 to 1 consultation, It's that simple. .

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Ask a Dedicated Specialist

Do you have a question that you need answered? Are you looking for information and help? Need to know what happens next?
The Benefits Advice Centre provides a private 1 to 1 Q&A system, you simply ask any question you may have and one of our specialist advisors will review your question and come back to you with the answer and information you need. Your answer will be posted in your own private replies area for your review where only you can see your question and your answer. It really is that simple.
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Exclusive VIP Video Guides

Do you want to know how the process works? Do you want to know what you may be entitled to? Do you want an in depth professional guide to follow?.

Our exclusive VIP Video Guides have been created by our specialists, exclusively for our service, you will not find these in depth, high quality guides anywhere else other than on the Benefits Advice Centre. On the Benefits Advice Centre you will foind hundreds of exclusive videos to help you through the entire journey.


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Free Video Guides

Want to find general benefits advice? looking for a library of easy to find benefits help videos? wnat to find all this support for FREE?.
The Benefits Advice Cente have scoured the internet for benefits advice videos that are worth watching and put them all into an easy to use library, bringing you free quality advice without having to spend hours searching for it. They may not be up to our exclusive guides standard but they will help you understand the process for free.
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Physical Advice Sessions & Events

Do you want to sit down with a physical Specialist Advisor? Do you need help filling in your forms? Do you want hands on advice and support with your claims? Do you want physical 1 to 1 support?

As well as our state of the online support centre The Benefits Advice Centre operates a physical support service, where our members can book live 1 to 1 sessions with a dedicated advisor in our offices providing physical face to face advice and support.


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Free Benefits Factsheets & Guides

Are you looking for free, quality how too guides? Are you looking for explanitory documents and fact sheets for free? Are you looking for free guidance notes?
The Benefits Advice Centre have a huge library of free forms, guides, factsheets and guidance notes for you to access and download if you wish. All of our documents are categorised into easy to follow folders leading you directly to the information you are lookiong for,all in one easy to use location.
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VIP Forms & Support Guides

Do you want to see pre filled in example documents? Do you need in depth factsheets? Want to acces the best support vaults on the net today?.

The Benefits Advice Centre VIP Document hub has all of the top quality documents, factsheets and guides you could need, they have all been vetted by our specialist team and completed example documents filled in by an industry specialist to help you understand how the forms need to be presented. Remeber if you get stuck as a VIP member you can get instant support using the VIP Hotline number as well.


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Benefits Checker Tools

Need to chack your benefits staus? Need to work out your budgets? do you want to see what you could be entitled to?.
The Benefits Advice Centre provides direct internal access to a whole range of usefull tools and checkers, such as a benefits checking system, a budget planning system and much, much more. We are not here to just tell you, we are here to help and support you.
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Specialist FAQ Systems

Want an instant answer? just want to find out something that is a real common question? looking for example answers to general questions? Don't know what questions to ask?

The Benefits Advice Centre provide you with open access to our FAQ centre, this centre is made up of a number of general common questions and answers to a whole range of different issues, after all sometimes we do not know what to ask if we do not know what is possible.


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